Each generation has a voice that convincingly conveys past tribulations, contemporary triumphs and future aspirations; throughout the 1990's the voice of Jamaica has been Mark Anthony Myrie, better known to Reggae fans as Buju Banton. Buju has dominated Jamaican music with a rough gravel yet keenly melodic deejay (the Jamaican equivalent of a rapper) delivery, transcending the parameters of Dancehall Reggae and servicing as a globally embraced artistic paradigm for the 21st century. The wide ranging musical styles and sophisticated lyrical concerns Buju embraces throughout UNCHAINED SPIRIT (his debut release for Epitaph subsidiary Anti Inc.) will certainly resonate with fans regardless of racial, cultural and socio economic backgrounds.

 Mariah Carey’s Stats

Age 42
Net Worth $500 million USD

There is no doubt that Mariah Carey has paid her dues in the ever-so-changing music industry. Selling over 144 million records worldwide, Carey has done and seen it all. She is credited with signing the largest recording contract in history worth a reported $100 million. She also was the first to break a record that Elvis Presley held for the highest amount of number one singles on the Billboard Charts. Mariah Carey’s first album was platinum-certified nine times by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). What’s considered a commercial flop for Mariah Carey? Her Glitter Soundtrack, which went platinum only once. Most artists are lucky to receive a gold certification. Her single “We Belong Together” from her eighth studio album The Emancipation of Mimi stayed atop the Billboard charts Hot 100 for 14 weeks. Surprisingly, Carey has been nominated 6 times at the BET Awards and 7 times at the MTV Video Music Awards, but never won an actual award from any of these entities. On a tangent, would an artist deserving of a Grammy Award certainly qualify for a MTV Award? Despite this, Carey has been nominated a total of 442 times in her career and has won 249 awards. Source


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